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Bacteria growth on tile and grout can cause unpleasant odour

Indoor Tile & Grout Cleaning Service Brisbane

When it comes to cleaning tiles, you’re going to need professional help for clearing out the hard-to-reach stains, and accumulated grout.

OptiClean provides high quality services for tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane to help your floors continue to shine all year round.

What Is Grout?

Grout is a cement-based, dense fluid used as a paste to reinforce existing structures, or bind tiles to one another, and to their base.

Due to its porous nature, grout has the ability to retain water and dirt, and provides ground for mould to breed in.


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How To Combat It?

Grout eventually darkens over time, giving your tiles an old and dirty look. And while cleaning agents such as bleach provides a temporary solution, you will need to find professional help in the long run.

We, at OptiClean, use commercial-grade steam cleaners as part of our tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane, to target both the mould and the dirt residing between your tiles.

Our expert cleaners can restore your tiles and grout to their original glory, without scrubbing and damaging your floor.

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