You’re the sole focus of our cleaning business

In just five years we’ve focused solely on you and cleaning your premises to the nth degree.

In so doing, we’ve turned the commercial cleaning business in Brisbane on its head.

From a sole operator, we’ve grown fast to a bold business of outstanding experts by making you our number one priority. 



Uniquely designed to provide cost effective ALL-IN-ONE services

Our difference

Our strong field experience means we know what works – and doesn’t work – for you. 

And that means a direct line of contact from us to our own cleaning staff. With meticulous supervisors on the job, everything is checked, and checked again.

If we notice a maintenance issue here or there, we let you know so you can fix it – before  it becomes a big headache.

Nothing short of the most optimal cleaning solution is good enough.

That’s why we’re called OptiClean. 

OptiClean. Peace of mind.