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Vinyl is a good option for flooring, especially for places that receive high foot traffic, or are more prone to liquid spills.

While constant maintenance and cleaning can go a long way in preserving the state of your vinyl, that too can do little to prevent the inevitable – uneven wear and tear of your floors.

For this, OptiClean provides strip & seal cleaning services in Brisbane that will have your old floors looking like new in no time.

How Strip and Seal Works?

Over time and with constant foot traffic, the sealant covering your vinyl can wear thin.

As a part of our strip & seal cleaning in Brisbane, OptiClean can effectively remove or strip back the old, hard layer of sealant. The vinyl underneath is then thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned before it is coated in multiple layers of new sealant.


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Why OptiClean?

The process of stripping and resealing may seem relatively straightforward. However, there are a number of things that can go wrong when handled by an amateur technician.

Applying the right amount of sealant is key to ensuring that your vinyl floors keep looking as good as new. Remember, too little can leave the vinyl exposed while too much results in an uneven surface.

Also, if the solvent is not managed properly, it can contribute towards a number of health and safety hazards.

OptiClean has the right tools and the right people for the fabulous outcome and all of our services are backed up by Satisfaction Guarantee.

The strip and seal service we provide is carried out by expert technicians, who can strip and apply seals with precision and accuracy to give you the best quality service in a competitive price.

Not happy with the job? Simply give us a call, and we’ll fix the problem so that you are fully satisfied.

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If you’re looking to redo your vinyl flooring to hide embarrassing wear and tear, we have a simple and cost effective solution – a strip & seal cleaning in Brisbane.

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